Formula 1 legend, Stirling Moss is dead

Formula 1 legend, Stirling Moss is dead

Sir Stirling Craufurd Moss, a popular British motor racing legend has died at the age of 90 after battling an illness, BBC reports.( Formula 1 legend, Stirling Moss is dead)

His death was reported to have resulted from chest infection he caught in Singapore just before Christmas of 2016 as there was no indication it was due to Coronavirus.

The legend’s death was announced by his wife, Lady Moss who revealed that the legend died in the early hours of Easter morning.

Formula 1 legend, Stirling Moss is dead

She said, ”I was at his bedside as he died, having nursed him through a long illness, at our Mayfair house.

”He died as he lived, looking wonderful.

‘He was simply tired in the end, and he just closed his beautiful eyes and that was that.”

Moss was widely regarded as one of the greatest Formula 1 drivers of all time, even though he did not win the World Championship.

He won 16 of the 66 F1 races he competed in from 1951 to 1961 and retired from public life in January 2018 because of health problems.

The Formula 1 legend was named BBC sports personality of the year in 1961 after being a four time runner-up in the F1 drivers’ championship.